Polar Nights - Life Size Models
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Life Size Models is a premier Bay Area indie rock band. The band aims to connect with its audience through honest, emotional songwriting and blistering live shows. As teenagers, twin brothers Chris Seymour and Stephen Seymour obsessed over their musical idols. In turn, these icons influenced the music that they would eventually create together. Life Size Models is an actualization of that dream and the idea that anyone can live up to their idols, life size or not.

Life Size Models has been compared to the likes of The Strokes, The Replacements, Arctic Monkeys, and The Cure.  They have garnered some great press over the past few years from publications like SF Sounds, The Bay Bridged, Pure Grain Audio and the Metro Silicon Valley. They are also in regular rotation at local college radio stations.

With the success of their latest single "Polar Nights", they have also appeared on the Television Series CW's "B-Sides", and on The Bay Area's Alt 105.3FM